Open Biology Unit, OIST


Our unit aims at development of novel software platforms for systems biology and systems drug discovery that may fundamentally transform the way we study biological systems and drug discovery.

Modern biology and medicine are fundamentally data- and evidence driven and researchers are fighting against vastness and complexity of data and scattered knowledge. In order to obtain in-depth insights that may lead to new biological discovery and medical implications, one must be able to properly access, integrate, analyze these data and knowledge, and should be able to link them to a practical solution. This requires a new approach in science in a sense it has to be open-ended, evolvable, community-based, and computationally supported paradigm of research.

Our unit is striving to develop a novel methodology and software platform for making it possible to achieve open biology that entails above features. This includes Payao; community-based pathway curation system, PhysioDesigner; physiological modeling tool, and a series of software that will be interoperable to the Garuda Platform. The Garuda Platform is a global alliance that we initiate to create a consistent, integrated user experience, one-stop service style software platform. Such platform enables researchers to explore system-level characteristics of biological system more effectively than before. At the same time, we are exploring a novel drug discovery approach based on computational systems biology, theory of biological robustness, and a concept of long-tail drugs.

Researches for Cure

Open Biology Unit is led by

Dr. Hiroaki Kitano, in OIST

since June 2009